Server Update

Ellen Farr MNHBO001 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Mon Mar 13 10:25:22 CST 1995

Additions to the Smithsonian's Natural History Gopher Server,
a new dataset retrieval gateway, and announcement of the
Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Web.

1.  Dataset Retrieval Gateway:  A custom gateway for building a
    file of search results from a WAIS-index query, which can be
    browsed or downloaded as a dataset is now available.  It is
    currently a menu option for the Conservation and Gesneriaceae
    bibliographies and is planned for use with other databases.
    Look under Biological Conservation or Annotated Bibliography of
    the Gesneriaceae and choose the "Select a Dataset" option.  Up to
    200 items will be retuned in a single file.  It will take up
    to 2 minutes to build the dataset.

2.  The Department of Entomology is on-line; their gopher material
    includes staff and researcher information, newsletters, and
    collections databases.

3.  Invertabrate Zoology has included a searchable staff listing.

4.  Paleobiology has added the Brachiopod Fossil Type Register and
    a bibliography of Hadrosaurian Dinosaurs.

5.  Archives and discussion digests for the following LISTSERVs are

6.  The Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network is on-line.

For those of you with access to the World Wide Web, we have
set up the Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Web at:

There you can find information about all the scientific
departments, research projects, and public programs at the
Museum.  We have posted lists of the scientific staff for each
department and provided contacts for more information.  We have
an on-line events calendar.  You can also access all of the
documents and data on the Natural History Gopher from the
Natural History Web.

Ellen Farr, Smithsonian Institution
mnhbo001 at
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