pinus contorta in FNA Gopher

Bruce Parfitt parfitt at MOBOT.MOBOT.ORG
Thu Mar 16 10:12:07 CST 1995

Jennifer DeGraff wrote:

>                                         March 15, 1995
>                                         Jennifer DeGraff
>                                         University of Victoria
>                                         B.C., Canada
> If anyone has information or references on the morphological differences
> between pinus contorta var. contorta and p. contorta var. latifolia, please
> e-mail me. I am mainly concerned with macroscopic details. Thanks.
Curious taxonomists, ecologists, and others:

I would encourage anyone with similar queries to consult the Flora of
North America gopher at the Missouri Botanical Garden (Home gopher

There you can search vol. 2 and read descriptions, distributions,
discussions, etc., for pteridophytes (ferns and allies) and gymnosperms

Vol. 1 is also available on gopher.  It contains the introductory
chapters, covering many aspects of past and present vegetation, soils,
climate, etc., etc., in North America north of Mexico.

Volume 3 (Magnoliidae and Hamamelidae) will be posted later this year.

Bruce D. Parfitt
Flora of North America
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