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Thu Mar 16 12:17:38 CST 1995

Dear Dr. Hahn, I received your message asking about the abalone culture in
Baja California. I am in charge of this area of research at The Instituto
de Investigaciones Ocean. in Baja Calif. We begun this research in 1984
in the area of re-seeding and about grow-out culture in plastic barrels,
all of this only at the experimental scale with H. rufescens. In 1987 we
begun our laboratory research with juvenile production. Our experiments
focus mainly in metamorphosis inducers like GABA, benthic diatoms mucus and
We have produce some H. corrugata, H. Fulgens and H. rufescens seeds. We
have some experiments using GABA with vinyl plates for substrate. We used
and developed some artificial diets for juveniles > 4mm. Ihave a very good
relationship with all other people working in the abalone hatcheries in
        If you let me know what are you interested on, I will be glad to
help you. By the way, my Master's thesis deals with the influence of the
larval age in metamorphosis rates using GABA and benthis diatoms and also,
on the use of theet rows of the radula as competence indicator.
                Alfredo Salas

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