FNA vol. 3

Bruce Parfitt parfitt at MOBOT.MOBOT.ORG
Fri Mar 17 17:56:46 CST 1995

Dear techno-taxonomists,
Believe it or not... in response to my note about the Flora of North
America gopher, some people have been asking me about when they can
expect to see vol. 3 of the Flora *in hardcopy*, as a real book that
has paper pages!

Later this year, about the time we send the book to Oxford University
Press, I expect we will get vol. 3 posted to the gopher.  How long final
editing will take, and how long it will take OUP to publish, is not
something about which I care to speculate.  In an ideal world you would
have vol. 3 (hardcover hardcopy) by Christmas.

And also in the works is FNA on CD-ROM.  It should be available about
the time vol. 3 (real book) arrives on the shelves, if all goes well.

Bruce D. Parfitt
Flora of North America
Missouri Botanical Garden

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