Binomial elimination

Art Souther souther at CS.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Mar 20 17:07:31 CST 1995

>Well,  the problem with numbers replacing binomials is that it would
>constitute the final and total elimination of all poetry from taxonomy.
>Another case of the tyranny of meristics. Imagine a world without a pair of
>_Parus major_ ? Thanks, I'd rather be dead...
>Gena Gulamentum

This reminds me of the region around Seattle and Everett, Washington.
All the roads to the east of there (and I assume in between) are
numbers, like E. 288th street and n. 410th street.  It is extremely
depressing to drive on wonderful back roads with such sterile names.
I bet the residents never took to these renamings and still refer
to them as Bluebonnet Lane and Mill Pond Road.


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