New product for botanists and herbarium curators

Rolf M Dahle rdahle at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Tue Mar 21 11:03:20 CST 1995

Product Announcement: Herbarium Specimen Label software.

Generate professional looking herbarium labels on your laser printer.

The product is from Farm Island Botanical Software. It has easy to use
input screens for entering your collection data. The database
of plant names contains about 80,000 entries covering the United States
including Hawaii plus Greenland and the Virgin Islands. About half the
names are accepted names. The rest are synonyms. You can choose either.
Each entry includes the full scientific name including authorities. Many
entries also include a common name. The plant names on your labels will
always be correctly spelled and correctly italicized and formatted
according to accepted botanical practice. Label headers and footers can be
tailored to reflect the project and/or institution under whose auspices the
collecting was done. Any TrueType scalable font can be used and the
preferred fontsize can be selected. Fontsize is automatically reduced
for a label if needed to include all the information in the available

The product uses Microsoft Access as the database and uses Microsoft Word
for Windows to format and print the labels. Price is $149.00.

For more information, email to rdahle at

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