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Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Thu Mar 23 15:45:06 CST 1995

                                                                 23 March 1995

> From: rmsmith at (Robin Smith)
> To: Mike Dallwitz
> Once you understand what is required in the CHARS, SPECS, and ITEMS files it
> is not a real problem to enter the information correctly. I have tried
> TAXASOFT (after I was using DELTA) and was more comfortable entering data
> directly into DELTA. I think many problems stem from trying to tackle the
> whole data set for all taxa from the beginning. An exercise producing 5
> characters for 2 taxa until the files are clean would give most people the
> basics they need to proceed. Adding to those files in small increments would
> also allow for corrections along the way and will prove quite manageable for
> beginning users (or for new data sets).

> From: zomv at (Dr MH Villet)
> To: Mike Dallwitz
> I have found the 64kB DIANA editor extremely helpful, although it does not
> successfully run the DELTA commands on my PC. It does allow split screen
> editing, but is not as useful for entering new taxa as, say, TAXASOFT. An
> integrate FREE interface to go with DELTA would be welcome (especially for
> teaching purposes), but my students and I muddle along quite well with just
> Askevold & O'Brien's primer manual.

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