List of WWW sites of interest to botanists

Anthony R. Brach brach at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Mar 23 07:28:40 CST 1995

Since Una Smith forwarded the list of WWW sites of interest to ecologists
to TAXACOM, Jean Thioulouse at the Laboratoire de Biometrie, Universite
Lyon has created a WWW page for the list at

In addition, I've compiled a separate list of WWW sites of interest to
botanists. I will enclose that list of URLs below. Please send additions or
corrections to me at brach at

Anthony R. Brach

List of WWW Sites of Interest to Botanists

Please send corrections and additions to Anthony R. Brach
(brach at

Selected WWW sites (URLs): (last updated 23 March 1995)

Arizona Nature Conservancy

Arnold Arboretum

Australian Environmental Resources Information - Biodiversity at
the Species Level - Flora

Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Bartlett Arboretum\bartlett.htm

Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWWs (Botany)

A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources by Una R. Smith 1993

BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup for Biology

Bishop Museum Botany Page

Botany Department (University of Georgia)

Brazilian Botany

British Trees

California Academy of Sciences WWW Server

California State University Stanislaus Botany 3700 Home Page

Connecticut College Herbarium

Dendrome Project

Detailed Family Descriptions\_fdlist.htm

Flora of China

Flora Mesoamericana

Flora of North America

The Garden Gate

Garden Net

Gray Card Index

Hydroponics (IUWF)

The Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University

International Organization of Paleobotany

International Organization for Plant Information

Investigating Seed Germination (Science and Plants for Schools)

Lichen Herbarium, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Lick Creek Park Home Page (tour of flora of EC Texas)

The Linne Herbarium, Swedish Museum of Natural History

List of WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists

Lythraceae, The Loostrifes

McMaster University, The Royal Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Garden

Montana Natural Heritage Program

National Biological Service (NBS)

The Natural History Museum (London)

Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (Oklahoma Biological Survey)

Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory

Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University (links to
herbarium and arboretum gopher servers)

Palynology & Paleoclimatology

Plant Genome Server

Plant Resources Information Laboratory (Q'TAXA)

PLATO Project, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Poisons Information Database: Natural Toxins and Poisons in
Plants Found in Singapore

Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

SMASCH Project

Smithsonian Natural History, Department of Botany

TAXACOM List Serve Archives

Texas A & M University, Plant Taxonomy

Texas Threatened and Endangered Species

Time-Life Virtual Garden

The Tree of Life Home Page

TROPICOS via Remote Managing Gigabytes

UK Plant Genetic Resources Group

University of California - Berkeley Museum (Public Exhibits)

University of Connecticut Greenhouses

University of Delaware Botanic Gardens

University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS)

University of Guelph, Botany Department

University of Toronto Botany Server

University of Washington, Medicinal Herb Garden

University of Wisconsin, Botany Gopher

Vatican Exhibit - Herbals

Anthony Robert Brach
brach at
Missouri Botanical Garden
& Harvard University Herbaria

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