epitypes and ranks

Gerrit Davidse davidseg at MOBOT.MOBOT.ORG
Thu Mar 23 10:02:13 CST 1995

It has been fun reading the numerous responses to
Krishtalka's call to forget about epitypes (ICBN Art. 9.7) and
ranks, but for those botanists who still have to deal with immediate
reality, an excellent example of the actual application of
epitypification is now available. As far as I am aware, the
following is the first published use of Art. 9.7. As is evident
from the title, both lecto- and epitypification were used in
stabilizing and unambiguously fixing the application of the name.

Guanghua Zhu. 1994. The lectotypification and epitypification of
Dracontium gigas (Seemann) Engler (Araceae). Novon 4: 404-407.

Gerrit Davidse
davidseg at mobot.org

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