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Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Fri Mar 24 12:04:24 CST 1995

                                                                 24 March 1995

> From: "Eric J. Gouda" <E.J.Gouda at CC.RUU.NL>
> To: Delta-l
> Most [recent] messages about DELTA were posted both to TAXACOM and
> DELTA-L. Maybe it would be better to restrict the messages to DELTA-L,
> especially the discussions. This will make DELTA-L more useful as a
> specialized discussion list. Of course there is nothing against posting
> important messages as anouncements of new software to TAXACOM also.

For each message I post, I give some thought to whether to post to Taxacom
(topics which may be of some general interest), Delta-l (technical information
about DELTA programs), or both. Naturally, I use my own judgement here, and if
you think I am erring, please let me know.

My recent postings to Taxacom have certainly dealt with quite detailed aspects
of DELTA, but these were mainly for the purpose of comparison with other
methodology. I don't want to restrict these to Delta-l, as this might be
largely preaching to the converted.

I sometimes post to both lists, partly because some Delta-l subscribers
(currently 18) are not also Taxacom subscribers, and partly to generate an
archive of just DELTA-related postings.

For a while I tried adding something like `(also posted to Delta-l)' to the
subject line, but tended to run out of space. I will try the abbreviated
version above.

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