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Rusty Russell ( MNHBO005 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Tue Mar 28 16:56:11 CST 1995

Announcing new Botany web page at Smithsonian:

The Department of Botany/United States National Herbarium announces
a new version of its World Wide Web home page.


Contains collections and program information, staff lists and email
addresses, collections management policy and loan regulations,
information for visitors including Metro map and travel times to
museum, ASPT and MSA newsletters, staff publications and links
to Botany resources on the net.

Please direct all constructive comments to:
Rusty Russell at mnhbo005 at

Rusty Russell   NHB-166                      tel: 202-357-4362
Smithsonian Institution                      fax: 202-786-2563
Washington, DC 20560 USA                  mnhbo005 at
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