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Wed Mar 29 10:00:01 CST 1995

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Robin Leech wrote:

> Yes, Sir Meredith,
> But with consumption comes $$ flow, and that is the key issue.
> Robin Leech

Unfortunately, I do have this idealistic side that thinks our species,
given our evolution-bestowed cleverness, ought to be able to design and
implement a "new economics" that would place us in balance with nature
rather than being at war with it. While I agree with Dick Jensen and you
that we appear to be living in a Keynesian world, there is *nothing* that
says we have to keep subscribing to a _description_ of economics as it
has been practiced since the industrial revolution. Rather, we should be
developing a _prescription_ for our own cultural evolution that would
preserve the balance that sustains us.

Those of you on curriculum committees: Why don't we require economics
students to take at least one course in ecology and one in

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