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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
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> What does auct.non refer?

> Viola bicolor pursh
>      SY=Viola kitaibeliana auct.non J.A.Schultes

Jody Pagan, ANHC, Little Rock, Arkansas  asked the above question.

"auct. non" stands for  "auctorum non", i.e. "of authors, not".

In the example given, the cited "synonym" of _Viola bicolor_ Pursh is
"_Viola kitaibeliana_ of authors not [that of] J.A. Schultes".  This is
really a "misidentification" of Schultes name, but one that was widely
adopted by authors, so the "synonym" indicates that in many books,
_Viola bicolor_ will appear under the name "_Viola kitaibeliana_ J.A.
Schultes".  It also indicates that there is another distinct species to
which the name _Viola kitaibeliana_ correctly applies (either as the
accepted name or as a synonym).

Hope this helps.

John McNeill

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