Systematics Paper Topic Needed

Wed Mar 29 12:54:33 CST 1995

I am contemplating a literature research project which will culminate in
a paper for college credit as an independent project in collaboration
with a faculty advisor.  Before I present said proposal for approval I
need a topic.  I am interested in using cladistic analyses to confirm or
refute some hypothesis which is considered suspect.  I will, like I said
be doing only library research, not having the opportunity this time
around to do any lab work.  Perhaps later I could do lab research to
write another paper.  So the topic would have to be fairly well
documented in the literature to be researchable.  I certainly wish to
avoid anything as fundamental as 'the origin of the angiosperms' or the
like.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Secondly, I am interested in finding net access to any cladistic freeware
which is recommended for performing such operations as detailed above.  I
prefer Unix or Windows platform.

Thank you in advance...

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