What can we do about it?

Wed Mar 29 18:26:32 CST 1995

Zero growth will happen! Population and economic growth will
probably be negative for a while too. There are too many
people, and our consumption is greater than natural regeneration.
I am not optimistic that we will ameleorate the impending
contraction by slowing things down and pursuing a sustainable
level of population and "good living". There is room for
argument about levels of sustainability, but it is clear
that continued growth will result in a poor quality of life
for most people. The effects are apparent now. Many people
realize this but don't bother or know how to try and help the
situation. There is a lot of hidden consumption in our
urban living style (USA). Just be a careful consumer and
recycle everything you can. Don't be afraid to let others
know when they are wasting reusable stuff. Organizations
can help spread the word too. Our institutions must all
be infused with a sense of our environment. Many encourage
excessive procreation without regard to whether the
children are cared for properly. Eventually, intitutions
should pressure people to have the maximum of two kids.
(The four horsemen will pick up the extras in not to
distant generations.)  I admire Newt (flame bait) for
the goals of the contract. Its the way he thinks we'll
get there that I, and thankfully many others now, find
ridiculous. The dynamics of the US gov't are part of an
acknowledgement that we need to take action now, and
I think that offers some hope. (Razorback Bill don't
give up the ship you'll be redeemed someday).
enough rambling

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