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 From Lodewijk van Duuren <LDRN at CBS.NL>

 Yesterday a wrong message was sent Xcuses. This is what I meant to send.
 Hopefully everything goes right this time.


 Statistics Netherlands has developed a number of registers of
 plants and animals for the statistical analysis of environmental
 data. The two main registers are the "Botanical Database" and the
 "Ornithological Database".
 The "Botanical Database" contains a large number of data in coded form
 about taxonomy, plant geography, morphology, phenology, phytosociology
 and autecology of all plant species which occur in the Flora of the
 Netherlands (Van der Meijden et al. 1990). It also contains an extensive
 description of the data in the register
 The "Ornithological Database" contains data about 358 bird species in
 the Netherlands such as scientific, Dutch, English, German, French and
 Spanish names and information on taxonomy, ecology, geography and
 phenology. The data has been obtained from different sources.
 This databases will allow you to make selections of species and to
 analyze the characteristics of species and groups of species.
 We would like to hear about comparable initiatives and publications on a
 national and international level.

 Some new columns for the next update are not complete. For some species
 and genera, I am looking for the common (vernacular) names in Eng(lish),
 Fre(nch) or Ger(man). Also for some homonyms, one of the species needs a
 different name. If you have some suggestions or if you are interested in
 a complete list with common names (Dutch, English, French and German) of
 the flora of the Netherlands please contact me.

 No English, German or French name

 Lan-  Scientific name           Authors name             Common name
 guage                                                    (homonyms)

 Eng   Alchemilla gracilis       Opiz
 Eng   Alchemilla mollis         (Buser) Rothmaler
 Eng   Alchemilla subcrenata     Buser
 Eng   Allium zebdanense         Boissier & Noe
 Eng   Anoda                     Cavanilles
 Eng   Anoda cristata            (L.) Schlechtendal
 Eng   Calamagrostis phragmitoides Hartman
 Eng   Callitriche cophocarpa    Sendtner
 Eng   Campanula cervicaria      L.
 Eng   Carduus acanthoides       L.                       Welted Thistle
 Eng   Carduus crispus           L.                       Welted Thistle
 Eng   Deutzia gracilis          Siebold & Zuccarini
 Eng   Echinodorus repens        (Lamk.) Kern & Reichgelt
 Eng   Festuca heteropachys      (St-Yves) Patzke
 Eng   Galanthus ikariae         Baker
 Eng   Galeopsis pubescens       Besser                   Downy Hemp-nettle
 Eng   Galeopsis segetum         Necker                   Downy Hemp-nettle
 Eng   Hypericum dubium          Leers
 Eng   Limnanthus alba           Bentham                  Meadow Foam
 Eng   Limnanthus douglasii      R.Br.                    Meadow Foam
 Eng   Philadelphus microphyll.  Gray
 Eng   Philadelphus pubescens    Loisel.
 Eng   Phytolacca esculenta      Van Houtte
 Eng   Puschkinia                Adams
 Eng   Puschkinia scilloides     Adams
 Eng   Rhinanthus alectorolophus (Scopoli) Pollich        Greater Yellow-rattle
 Eng   Rhinanthus angustifolius  C.C.Gmelin               Greater Yellow-rattle
 Eng   Sedum cepaea              L.
 Eng   Spiraea douglasii         Hooker                   Hardhack
 Eng   Spiraea tomentosa         L.                       Hardhack

 Fre   Alchemilla mollis         (Buser) Rothmaler
 Fre   Alchemilla subcrenata     Buser
 Fre   Allium zebdanense         Boissier & Noe
 Fre   Amaranthus palmeri        S.Watson
 Fre   Ambrosia trifida          L.
 Fre   Anemone blanda            Schott & Kotchy
 Fre   Anoda                     Cavanilles
 Fre   Anoda cristata            (L.) Schlechtendal
 Fre   Aster tradescantii        L.
 Fre   Axyris                    L.
 Fre   Axyris amaranthoides      L.
 Fre   Azolla caroliniana        Willdenow
 Fre   Callitriche cophocarpa    Sendtner         Callitriche des eaux stagnantes
 Fre   Callitriche stagnalis     Scopoli          Callitriche des eaux stagnantes
 Fre   Carex cespitosa           L.
 Fre   Cornus sericea            L.
 Fre   Crocus tommasinianus      Herbert
 Fre   Cyrtomium                 C.Presl
 Fre   Cyrtomium falcatum        (L. fil.) Presl
 Fre   Deutzia gracilis          Siebold & Zuccarini
 Fre   Deutzia scabra            Thunberg
 Fre   Festuca heteropachys      (St-Yves) Patzke
 Fre   Festuca nigrescens        Lam.
 Fre   Forsythia suspensa        (Thunberg) Vahl
 Fre   Forsythia viridissima     Lindley
 Fre   Galanthus caucasicus      Baker
 Fre   Galanthus elwesii         Hooker fil.
 Fre   Galanthus ikariae         Baker
 Fre   Gymnocarpium              Newman
 Fre   Limnanthus alba           Bentham
 Fre   Limnanthus douglasii      R.Br.
 Fre   Muscari armeniacum        Baker
 Fre   Panicum dichotomiflorum   Michaux
 Fre   Philadelphus microphyll.  Gray
 Fre   Philadelphus pubescens    Loisel.
 Fre   Poa angustifolia          L.
 Fre   Polypodium interjectum    Shivas
 Fre   Populus deltoides         Marshall
 Fre   Populus gileadensis       Rouleau
 Fre   Potentilla indica         (Andrews) Wolf
 Fre   Puschkinia                Adams
 Fre   Puschkinia scilloides     Adams
 Fre   Scilla sardensis          (Barr & Sugden) Speta
 Fre   Scilla siberica           Haworth
 Fre   Scilla siehei             (Stapf) Speta
 Fre   Smilacina                 Desfontaines
 Fre   Smilacina stellata        (L.) Desfontaines
 Fre   Vincetoxicum nigrum       (L.) Moench

 Ger   Allium zebdanense         Boissier & Noe
 Ger   Amaranthus palmeri        S.Watson
 Ger   Anemone blanda            Schott & Kotchy
 Ger   Berberis thunbergii       DC.
 Ger   Convolvulus lineatus      L.
 Ger   Cornus sericea            L.
 Ger   Crocus tommasinianus      Herbert
 Ger   Elaeagnus multiflora      Thunberg
 Ger   Epilobium inornatum       Melville
 Ger   Festuca heteropachys      (St-Yves) Patzke
 Ger   Festuca nigrescens        Lam.
 Ger   Forsythia suspensa        (Thunberg) Vahl
 Ger   Forsythia viridissima     Lindley
 Ger   Galanthus elwesii         Hooker fil.
 Ger   Galanthus ikariae         Baker
 Ger   Limnanthus alba           Bentham                  Sumpfblume
 Ger   Limnanthus douglasii      R.Br.                    Sumpfblume
 Ger   Muscari armeniacum        Baker
 Ger   Philadelphus microphyll.  Gray
 Ger   Philadelphus pubescens    Loisel.
 Ger   Phytolacca esculenta      Van Houtte
 Ger   Scilla sardensis          (Barr & Sugden) Speta
 Ger   Scilla siehei             (Stapf) Speta

 For reactions or more information please contact:

 Statistics Netherlands
 Lodewijk van Duuren
 dep. LMI, room 535
 P.O. Box 4000
 2270 JM  Voorburg
 The Netherlands
 Tel.  +31 (0)70 - 3374200
 Fax   +31 (0)70 - 3375976
 Email LDRN at CBS.NL

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