Human overpopulation

Shawn Landry (BIO) landry at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Thu Mar 30 08:24:26 CST 1995

> Another point that nobody has touched (it seems): what about redirecting ALL
> the world budgets for weapons & wars towards a more human cause: sustained
> productivity? ...

For a start, we might suggest redirecting the portion of the US defense
budget which is spent on air-shows and parades to education, economic
education for all students.  As it stands, so many people are completely
in the dark regarding our economic system that the screwheads in business
and government can make people believe that the issue is jobs vs. forest,
etc.  I don't think most people are willing to stand up and fight unless
they are confident that they know the truth so that they can defend their
opinion.  And, most people making the decisions might be less likely to
attempt fooling the people if they know that the people aren't ignorant.

Shawn Landry

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