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Craeymeersch, Johan craeymer at CEMO.NIOO.NL
Thu Mar 30 17:05:00 CST 1995

The ICES Benthos Ecology Working Group considered at their meeting last year
the feasibility of producing identification sheets for benthos. The group
concluded that a traditional approach would be too expensive and that
emerging computer-aided techniques might provide a practicable alternative.
At the workshop Dr. Sluys of the Centre of Expertise for Taxonomic
Identification was invitided to give a presentation of their system.
The working group generally agreed that the approach had considerable
potential. The working group decided to further evaluate the use of computer
based taxonomy systems: evaluation of the system both as an identification
aid and a means of producing identifcation aids. Following meeting will be
3-6 May, at the Faroer Islands.

As one of the co-ordinator for this action, I try to get an overview of
existing systems (besides ETI's one), and discovered in an earlier notebook
archive of the BSD-list information about DELTA and INTKEY. But perhaps
there are other systems as well. Any information is welcome. I would like to
evaluate some systems at the next meeting.
And, of course, any information about the possibilities to be used by
non-experts, as well.

Thanks in advance.

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