Human overpopulation

Thu Mar 30 10:26:24 CST 1995

On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Tom Clarke wrote:

>    You just explained why you won't ever get non-essential military funding
>  redirected towards education.
>    I've seen a lot of great ideas on this discussion thread, but I can't help
>  thinking of that story about belling the cat...   great ideas without action
>  (or ideas that cannot be acted upon) is just so much wasted bandwidth.
>        -Tom-
>         Dept. of Biology
>         University of Victoria

That's why, back at the very beginning of this thread, I implored
TAXACOMers to communicate with Congress and teach about human
overpopulation impact on biodiversity (or rather, the loss thereof).
Those things *are* action. So is having one's tubes tied.

Meredith Lane
University of Kansas
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