Conspicuous consumption

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Subject: Conspicuous consumption

A fascinating discussion going on under several different threads
concerning overpopulation and consumption of Natural resources.

As far as what we can do about it, having fewer children is
theoretically a good idea, but the reduction of fertility in the
industrialized world might not make as much difference than fewer
children in the less developed world--particularly if many children from
these tropical regions migrate to Europe and North America to become
consumers themselves.

My feeling is that the recreational use of automobiles is one of our
biggest sins. Aside from the petroleum burned unnecessarily there are
the 40,000+ highway deaths every year to be considered. I wonder how
many of them are attributable to someone going out for enjoyment versus
someone driving to work or delivering something for commerce.

Recreational use of cars is the most wide-spread frivolity that we
engage in (I do it myself, of course). However, if we all stayed home or
walked,biked, etc. to our recreational activities, the tourism,
petroleum and ultimately the automobile industries would suffer. Of
course it doesn't bother me to see these businesses lose profits (as
long as I still have my job). But I wonder if there would be any ripple
effects throughout our economy if we all stopped driving across the
country to vacation or stopped driving at all except to go to work.

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