Converting between tn/rg/sn and lat/long: new program

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Fri Mar 31 09:16:18 CST 1995

In response to some of the comments he received, Martin Wefald revised his
conversion program.  The new version allows interactive use, provides
additional documentation, and has the factors files integrated into the same
file as the actual conversion portion.  He also renamed the file, because
some were finding the name 'convert', being a common one, caused problems.

The new program is available via anonymous FTP from

ftp>user: anonymous  [if you do not get this prompt, check with your computer
ftp> password:  type in your username
ftp>  cd disk$util:[stipoid.convert]
ftp> binary                 very important line
ftp> get trs2ll.exe         this is the only file involved
ftp> bye

And that should do it.

It works on pcs.

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