Milton B. Gray

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Thu Nov 2 12:13:20 CST 1995

Dr. Lester Stephens and I are preparing a paper on the life of Milton (Sam)
Gray.  Mr. Gray was associated with the Marine Biological Laboratory at
Woods Hole, Massachusetts for over 50 years (~1907-1962).  He spent the
next several years at the University of Georgia Marine Institute on Sapelo
Island (~1961-1966).  Because of his association with MBL and the
Smithsonian Mr. Gray worked with many biologists.  Dr. Stephens and I would
like to hear from anyone who remembers Sam, and would like to contribute to
the paper.

Thanks for your time.


   "There is something fascinating about science.  One gets such
 wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment
              of fact."  Mark Twain - Life on the Mississippi

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