Electronic taxon data and publications++

Marcus Kit Petz MPETZ at FS2.SCG.MAN.AC.UK
Sun Nov 5 16:37:24 CST 1995

>I  have feeling that electronic publication could be just directed into
>developing databases similar to check lists or catalogues. It can  give the same
>credit like any hard-copy publication to all authors.
>The new synonymy and major changers has to be published simultaneously  in
>journal founded for this reason.

>RegardsVratislav Richard Bejsak

The idea of an electronic on line scientific Journal Seems excellent.
It could be run with much greater range of science - similar to
Project Gutenberg's Library of Humanity.
It sounds rather like the Encyclopaedist of 18th Century France.

Good articles could be review articles - this would allow
non-electronic literature to be sumerized and would save on the cost
of scanning needless stuff in. i.e. outdated articles with only a few
salient points in them
Marcus Petz
If a man marches to a different beat perhaps he hears a different drummer.

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