Graduate Fellowships in Molecular Plant Systematics

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        We have an active and expanding program of graduate training and
research in molecular systematics and evolution.  Recent additions to the
faculty in this area include Richard Olmstead, from the University of
Colorado, and Benjamin Hall, from the UW Department of Genetics.
Facilities and equipment for this area of research are newly upgraded.
Botany graduate training in Molecular Phylogenetics benefits from our
close association with leading evolutionary scientists in other UW
departments, including Joe Felsenstein (Genetics) and Scott Edwards

        Botany graduate students with specific interests in molecular
phylogenetic research have available graduate fellowships (RA stipends)
that provide total support during their initial two years.  These are
awarded to students on a competitive basis prior to their entry into the
Botany graduate program.

        Application materials for the Botany doctoral program are
available from: MaryEllin Robinson, Dept. of Botany, Box 355325, Seattle,
WA 98195-5325; phone 206-543-1942, email address
maryell at  Applicants with a specific interest in the
Molecular Phylogenetics fellowships should indicate that in a separate
letter to:  Botany Phylogenetics Fellowships, c/o Prof. B. D. Hall, Dept.
of Botany, Box 355325, Seattle, WA  98195-5325.  Please contact individual
faculty members below for more information on their research.

Some Current Molecular Phylogenetic Research Projects in Botany

Joseph Ammirati, Professor and Chairman:
(phone:  206-543-1986 / email:  cort at
1)      Analysis of phylogenetic fine structure in Cortinariaceae using
nuclear gene markers.

Rose Ann Cattolico, Professor:
(phone:  206-543-9363 / email:  racat at
1)      Analysis of Calvin Cycle origin by molecular and biochemical
analysis of phosphoribulokinase in archebacteria, eubacteria, and
2)      Evolutionary divergence in the molecular mechanisms that regulate
chloroplast gene expression in chromophytic and chlorophytic plants.

Benjamin Hall, Professor:
(phone:  206-543-6239 / email:  benhall at
1)      Molecular evolution of nuclear RNA Polymerase II in fungi:
correlated amino acid substitutions in different subunits;
2)      The origin and evolutionary relationships of the major algal
lineages and land plants, using nuclear genes as molecular markers;
3)      Phylogenetic relationships within genus Rhododendron and the
other Ericaceae, using molecular data from introns in nuclear genes.

Richard Olmstead, Associate Professor:
(before Jan. 1 1996 - phone:  303-492-0283 / email:  olmstead at
(after Jan. 1, 1996 - phone:  206-543-8850 / email:  forwarded from above
address):  forwarded from above
1)      Molecular systematic relationships in the Asteridae with an
emphasis on the families Solanaceae and Lamiaceae;
2)      The study of the early diversification of angiosperms based on
chloroplast DNA sequences.

Richard Olmstead
Dept. of EPO Biology                            phone:  303-492-0283
University of Colorado                        fax:  303-492-8699
Boulder,  CO  80309  USA                   email:
olmstead at

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