John the Baptist's locusts

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Fri Nov 17 17:04:11 CST 1995

Frederick J. Peabody wrote:
The word used in Greek is (translitterated) "keronia".  This appears somewhat
>close to the generic name Ceratonia

Liddell & Scott (Greek-English Lexicon) list keronia as the Ionian form
(used By Theophrastos) of keratonia = Ceratonia.
The modern Greek name of the tree is charoupi / carob.

Plinius used ceraunia a form of ceronia according to Lewis & Short (A Latin
Dictionary) which must be a transcription of heophrastos' keronia.

Akris (genitive akridos) is the ancient Greek word for locust; in modern
Greek akrida.

Not on account of Frederick J. Peabody:
the acris in Ranunculus acris is Latin for pungent.

Cheers, Albertine

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