Wollemi pine / request

Ken Hill Ken_Hill at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Mon Nov 20 09:40:00 CST 1995

     The description of the Wollemi Pine IS to be published in the Journal
     `Telopea', issue 6(2-3). This is the is the `house journal ' of the
     National Herbarium of New South Wales. Publication of that issue has
     been delayed by other factors, but the journal is now at the printers,
     and expected to be available in 3-4 weeks. For other information, see
     `Geology Today' (from Blackwell Science), issue 11(2), March/April
     1995, and `Nature Australia' (from the Australian Museum), Spring 1995
     issue. A general account of the occurrence, habitat, morphology and
     progress in propagation research was published in the November
     newsletter of the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, and
     will be available as reprints in a week or two. I will also have a
     limited number of reprints of the `Telopea' paper, for anyone who has
     difficulty gaining access to that journal

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