Grass Distributions in North America

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Sat Nov 25 17:34:36 CST 1995

In connection with the Manual of North American Grasses Project, Kathleen
and I have been compiling all the county-level data we can lay our hands on
for grasses growing in North America north of Mexico.  We enter the data in
Strategic Mapping's GIS program (DOS version), using different codes for
different classes of information (State Atlas or Flora, Other Publication,
Database) and record in a separate file all the sources we use so that we
can, when we finally publish all the data, give credit where credit is due.

The point of this note is to ask for help in locating checklists, floristic
theses, etc. or databases that have such county level or specimen data for
which latitude and longitude data are available.  Unfortunately, we do not
have the time to look up lats and longs for specimens that do not have them.
After we have incorporated all the data, the resulting maps will be sent to
the appropriate contributor so that he/she may have the opportunity to
verify the identify of specimens that seem out of range.

If you think you may have information that would help us, please reply to me
(Mary Barkworth) at stipoid at If in doubt, please make contact.
We would rather tell you "Thank you, we have that publication", than miss
one we would have liked to have had. The project is not well-funded
(severely underfunded was the comment of one reviewer) so offers to provide
free copies of information are particularly delightful but, if need be, we
have been known to pay copying charges and the like.

Thanks in advance for any assistance we receive.  Mary Barkworth

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