Clifford Wetmore WETMORE at VZ.CIS.UMN.EDU
Sat Nov 25 20:12:34 CST 1995

   After reading the last ASC newsletter I am slightly upset. There is
money to start new computerization of collections but none to maintain
existing data bases. Since 1973 I have computerized the complete lichen
collection at Minnesota (over 110,000 collections) and I maintain it
by myself. I can't get support for this work. It is the only major lichen
herbarium in the world that is completely computerized. I have placed
lists on a web page but can't get support to maintain the data bases.
Sometimes I think I should erase all files - then I could apply for
money to computerize the collections!
Cliff Wetmore
Curator of Cryptogams
Univ. of Minnesota Herbarium

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