Publication of new plant taxa

Joseph Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Mon Nov 27 13:16:58 CST 1995

A few comments on recent postings on publication of new plant taxa:

1) Publication in commercial seed exchange lists is specifically banned
by the ICBN.

2) Ditto for publication in "non-scientific" periodicals, although there
is not the foggiest bit of discussion on what is meant by
"non-scientific." A daily newspaper would not seem to qualify, but there
is a large gray area of semi-popular literature published by gardening
groups and native-plant societies.

3) US botanists tend to view the Latin description as an annoying
formality, but then again Americans are the world's worst linguists, only
vaguely aware of the fact that any languages other than English
exist at all. I  have, however, seen European and Latin American
botanists use the Latin  descriptions and chide US botanists for not
understanding them.

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