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Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Mon Nov 27 13:00:19 CST 1995

In response to Krishtalka's and Penny's comments:

If I take Penny's comments literally (NSF should provide long-term
support for what they have encouraged), then anyone who has ever had an
NSF grant would be in the position of making the same claim.  If NSF
encouraged my research program (providing funds for a post-doc and other
personnel, etc.), then I should expect them to continue supporting this
as long as I continue pursuing research problems.  Clearly, this is not a
reasonable position.

Long term support must be provided by the host institution.  In many
cases, the major expenditure of funds is associated with getting a
program started (e.g., buying equipment, underwriting personnel costs,
etc.).  NSF allows both individuals and institutions to cover these
initial expenditures and get the project on solid ground.  But, once in
place, the long term commitment must come from the institution.  If they
are not willing to make such a commitment, then they should not seek NSF
funds to initiate the project.

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