An Ideal Systematicists Christmas Present

Jacqueline Soule soule at WSUNIX.WSU.EDU
Mon Nov 27 19:41:47 CST 1995

Members of Taxacom may be interested in the following item which was sent
around last year, but we have so many new members which may require the
enclosed information.


A striking example of modern marketing--something for everyone including
phycologists--is found in the latest catalogue from the Herbarium Supply
Company.  This is

 "The Linnaean Wig--dignified, classical, ideal for your next
presentation. Creates an air of instant credibility.  Reflect enhanced
knowledge of your subject.  Show your respect for the past.  Be the first
in your department (to have one)!"

Clearly a must for those of us botanists, especially taxonomists, who are
having credibility problems nowadays!

For only US$34 you can obtain this marvellous adjunct to your most
stifling lecture from Herbarium Supply Company, 3483 Edison Way, Menlo
Park, CA 94025, USA.  Toll-free phone 800-348-2338, Fax 415-366-5492.
Visa and Mastercard accepted.

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