Chantarelle results

Tue Nov 28 10:07:22 CST 1995

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all those who responded to my request for information on
occurence of chanterlles.  One or two people asked if I could post a
summary, so here it is.

The request was prompted by a perceived lack of chanterelles
(Cantharellus cibarius) in Britain this season.  I was wondering how
widespread this was, both in UK and in general on a more world wide

In America there seems to have been an abundance, with phrases such
as bumper crop and plentiful as ever abounding.  One or two areas
have reported a slight reduction however.  Some locations have been
reported as having quite an extended season.

Germany has reported  a poor year.

In Sweden a general decline is in progress due to continued
pollution problems.

Norway started off well but suffered from a late Summer drought.

Canada has had a reasonable year.

Finland a good year.

Overall it seems that GB has had the worst year of anywhere.  Some
localities around the world are suffering a reduction this season,
but this seems to be made up by other areas with a glut.

It should be borne in mind that these results are only looking at the
fruit bodies and not the mycelia, hopefully things should be back to
normal soon.  Also these results are only the briefest of pictures
and before any really useful picture can be drawn a lot more data
needs to be collected.  If anyone has any funding available for me to
travel the world looking at the distribution of chantarelles just hit
that reply key and let me know :).

There are one or two studies currently ongoing lookiing at effects of
picking etc.  Personally if anyone wants to send me any records in
future years I would be more than grateful to receive them.  I shall
probably put out a request sometime next year to see how things are

Thanks to all who responded and hope to hear from you all next year?

Gordon Rutter

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