(Fwd) Chantarelles

Wed Nov 1 17:22:56 CST 1995

Hi there,

Here at the Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh) we get a lot of people
bringing fungi in for identification, also a number of surgeries are
operated allowing peopole to get things identified.  One question
commonly being asked at the moment is where are the Chantarelles?

These are conspicuous by their absence, this is also borne out by our
various foraying in Scotland and England.

My question is this, are other people finding the same?

If you normally find Chantarelles but are not finding them please let
me know, similarly if you are finding Chantarelles at the moment
please let me know.

I am asking the wholeworld here not just UK,

Many thanks

Gordon Rutter

g.rutter at rbge.org.uk

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