point and click lat/longs

Wed Nov 1 10:17:50 CST 1995

For an experimental example of a web served point and click mapping
program that delivers lat/long see:


Then choose "Graphical Locator"

A few notes: first, take your cursor to the top left corner of any maps
and carefully note which part passed through the corner to change from
a hand to arrow.  This will allow you to be exact in pointing and clicking.

Second, on old versions of Netscape the results of the lat/long calculation
may appear as an html code file, but the results can be read anyway.

Also at this address are name locators with lat/long results, but they
must be manually searched (so far, give Dan a week).

These systems were produced by Dan Gusatafson of MSU's Environmental
Statistics Group.


Mike Ivie

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