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Peter Bostock pbostock at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Thu Nov 9 09:50:53 CST 1995

Dear Colleagues,

re my 'Botanical Latin Translation' message to Taxacom (Fri Oct 27 1995):

Thanks to Alan Tucker, Missouri Botanic Gardens, my Botanical Latin
translation program, TRANSLAT, is now available from FTP server at

or via anonymous ftp to:

cd pub
cd DOS
cd Latin

There are two readme files, one in plain text in the above directory
(README.LAT) with the two self-extracting zip files, and a larger one which
will be extracted from TRANINST.EXE as \LATIN\translat.txt.

VIP: the first time TRANSLAT.EXE and LATIN.EXE are executed, they must have
the command line option /BIN. Subsequent executions do not need this, unless
your computer is one of the very few which for some obscure reason will not
load the binary array images. This latter occurrence is very rare! See
TRANSLAT.TXT for more complete explanation.

The programs are free-ware, but I would like to maintain a list of users of
the program, so that I can send notice of updated data-sets etc, so would
appreciate a short email if you decide that the programs are of use.


Peter D. Bostock
Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium
Meiers Road, Indooroopilly, Qld, Australia 4068
pbostock at  Fax: 61-7-389 69624  Phone: 61-7-389 69327
(note changed phone and fax numbers effective 24 July 1995)

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