Herbarium cabinets

Robin Scribailo rscrib at CENTAUR.CC.PURDUENC.EDU
Tue Nov 14 16:26:04 CST 1995

Dear Taxacom Subscribers,

I am currently trying to greatly expand the small herbarium at our
primarily undergraduate institution (Purdue University North Central). We
are 4 miles south of Lake Michigan with ready access to the diverse flora
of the Indiana Dunes. A major focus of this herbarium is the aquatic plant
flora of this region with particular reference to the numerous intradunal
marsh and panne ecosystems of the dunes. The herbarium is primarily
operated with undergraduate assistance and contributions from course
required plant collections such as my Aquatic Botany course.
We are currently trying to locate used herbarium cabinets for expansion.
Through conversations with Peter Crane at the Field Museum Department of
Botany in Chicago he has suggested that many larger herbaria are shifting
to using roll out cabinets for compaction reasons.
So the question is, are there cabinets out there that institutions are
currently selling off (or giving away). I would greatly appreciate any help
anyone can give me on this matter. Funds are a limiting factor as it seems
to be at most institutions.

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