Lions and Unicorns at RGB

Ken Bailey kb00kg at LION.RBGKEW.ORG.UK
Wed Nov 15 09:34:08 CST 1995

Finn N. Rasmussen" <FINNR at> wrote...

>The "Lion" that sometimes appear in e-mail from the royal Botanic
>Gardens, Kew, is the name of one the two network servers at RBG. The
>other one is "Unicorn". The servers are named after two critters in
>the official arms of the RGB. It is not necessary to refer to them in
>e-mail, but they will be included if one just use the reply button
>when replying to e-mail from Kew.

FYI All registered users at Kew have email aliases in the form:
FirstInitial.Lastname at

These *usually* resolve to accounts on "lion" accessed either from a
shell or via PC based POP client.

Our Unix servers are named after the "Queens Beasts"; the heraldic
statues which stand in front of the Palm House here.

>  It is my experience that some RGB people never use e-mail and never
>check if they receive any. Any posting to such persons will just
>disappear, perhaps devoured by the Lion or the Unicorn.

Kew is certainly not unique in that respect :-)

Seriously though, if you are unsuccesful contacting Kew Staff via
email please contact postmaster at For those users with
emailophobia or who do not have a network connection we can, and do,
make arrangemnts for inbound email to divert to a printer and forward
these via internal mail.



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