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This is just my .02, and I should probably say I haven't opened a Bible in
years, much to my mother's dismay, but wasn't the point that JTB was stuck in
the desert SUFFERING?  No offense to you entomologists out there, but eating a
insect would seem to me a better example of suffering than eating carob.  I
mean, most of the stories of the Bible were included because they have a
message, right?  And the point about JTB being stuck in the desert was to
illustrate that he suffered, as far as I remember.  Therefore, I would think it
makes more sense that the "locust" in question was an insect.  BTW, I'm a
herpetologist, and among the frogs here in Michigan we have _Acris crepitans_,
whose common name is the cricket frog (don't know if the ancient Greeks
differentiated between locusts and crickets or not).

Smile- the weekend cometh!

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