Formality of Latin description -reply

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Mon Nov 20 17:39:54 CST 1995

What makes anyone think that simply because a description is in Latin
that it will be any better?  It may be worse.  Ensuring a holotype, and
then peer review of the description in a refereed journal, should remove
99% of problems.

An editor of a recognized journal (e.g., The Canadian Entomologist) is
obligagted to ensure that the ICZN (for animals) is followed (upon advice
from the 2 associate editors who handle taxonomic papers), and though it
is unlikely that a new species of plant would be described in Can. Ent.
(but it is possible), that the ICBN (for plants) is followed.

Robin Leech

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