Banguay & Birma (was re: where is ...)

Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Wed Nov 22 09:16:31 CST 1995

To answer this question, I would need more contextual information.  Are these
place names attached to a specimen?  What species?  Who collected them?  When?
Do you expect the two localities to be near each other (for example, same
collector on adjacent days)?

This sort of information would help narrow down the possibilities.  For
example, the 1989 Times Atlas lists two Birma's, one in Egypt and one in Uttar
Pradesh, India.  There is no Banguay, but there is a Bangue' in Cambodia, which
would be pronounced the same (and could have been transliterated to your

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>Is there anyone to know where is place called "Banguay" and "Birma".
>Thak you very much in advance.
>Richard/Praha 76711.1261 at

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