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Dominique Collet collet at ALASKA.NET
Wed Nov 22 08:32:14 CST 1995

        What about designing a standardized template for description of a
new types? Experienced taxonomist specialists could put together a
standardized list of measurements and descriptions of characters that have
proven to be of taxonomical value in their own specialty. Characters unique
to the new type could be added to the basic "standardized" description by
the descriptor if not already included. This standardized template could be
made available in the form of database program, so the new description
would be easy to compare with other descriptions. There could be a
centralized " new type" homepage with the standardized form available
on-line. New descriptions could be "published" on-line and or in journals
after revision by a panel. It could save a lot of time for retrieval and
provide a better quality-control for descriptions.

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