Wollemi *Araucaria*

Mike Crisp Mike.Crisp at ANU.EDU.AU
Fri Nov 24 10:00:29 CST 1995

>     Distinguishing characters that define the new genus are given in
>     the forthcoming publication. In summary, some characters are shared
>     with Agathis, some are shared with Araucaria, and others are unique.
>     Morphological cladistics do not resolve relationships, but our DNA
>     studies indicate that the Wollemi Pine is a sister to Agathis, not
>     Araucaria. Internal seed-cone morphology is also much more similar to
>     that of Agathis.

Are the shared characters apomorphies in each case?  Could it be of hybrid
origin (a hybrid between the genera)? - see McDade, L.A. (1995)
Hybridization and phylogenetics. Pp. 305-331 in P.C. Hoch & A.G. Stephenson
(ed.), Experimental and Molecular Approaches to Plant Biosystematics
(Missouri Botanical Garden: St Louis).

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