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Gary Rosenberg writes:

"Suphisellus Crotch, 1873 is a conditionally proposed name, not a name
introduced in synonym.  It is valid as it was named before 1961 (ICZN
Article 15).  The species Crotch named in Suphisellus should be treated
as first named in Suphis and then transferred to Suphisellus (ICZN
Article 51(c)(ii).  Only species that Crotch originally included in
Suphisellus are eligible to be its type species."


"Having now looked at the original, Crotch (1873),
Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc. 4:397, I can state the genus was validly
proposed there.  In this review of American Coleoptera, Crotch
include three species in ^Suphis^: ^S. bicolor^ (Say), ^S.
lineatus^ Horn, and ^S. puncticollis^ n. sp., the last with a two
line description.  Under the heading for ^Colpius^, the next
genus treated, Crotch says "This genus appears to me very near
^Suphis^, the type species of which...(^S. cimicoides^)...I have
not seen.  If these two [^Suphis^ and ^Colpius^] were shown to be
congeneric, the species above under ^Suphis^ might receive the
name ^Suphisellus^."  Thus three species were clearly referred to
the conditionally proposed ^Suphisellus^, and it is available
from Crotch, 1873."

Agreed. Sorry for adding confusion in my first message.

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