German words for American expressions

dieter walossek dieter.walossek at BIOLOGIE.UNI-ULM.DE
Thu Nov 30 21:00:25 CST 1995

Sorry that it's me again, but there seem to have been some problem with the
"pipeline". So here again my request for help for translating English words
into German or explanations for common names (German or  Latin names for
species please):

        What be the best translation for >Integrated pest management< ?
        Americans use > manager < frequently for persons working in
biomonitoring or applied
           systematic fields. Is there any equivalent in German language?
        What are >  tobacco budworms<  ?
        What is the > cotton-cushion scale<  ?

These words are from the Systematics Agenda 2000, and a colleague of mine
is currently translating the broschure in order to distribute a German
version here too.

In my first request I had also asked for > Buptestis hemmoradialis <. This
seems to be a misspelling ( a pity in a broschure advertising systematics).
This "Prachk=E4fer" lives in northern Europe, as a colleague emailed to me
kindly, and not an exotic animal (as written in the broschure).

Thanks in advance, Dieter Walossek
Section for Biosystematic Documentation, University of Ulm
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