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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Thu Nov 2 10:45:38 CST 1995

Stephan:  Seeing your comment on "clean" botanical specimens, I am sure
you are well aware of the work of Doug Savile, retired from DAOM, on the
vascular plant specimens in DAO.  He started this himself but later he
and Jack Parmalee (smuts, as I remember), had students or technicians
steadily working their way through DAO looking for rusts and smuts - I
think Stan Hughes also used to spend a bit of time in the DAO collection
looking for sooty molds.  All in all a useful commensalism, it seems.

I plan to be in Edinburgh briefly over the weekend etc. 10/14 November,
with, currently, Tuesday 14th scheduled for a visit to RBG. Look forward
to seeing you again.


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