Karen Wilson Karen_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Tue Nov 14 08:54:55 CST 1995

     Mike's address is m.lock at - the general form for kew
     addresses is initial.surname at

     Karen L. Wilson
     Royal Botanic Gardens               E-mail: karen at
     Mrs Macquaries Road                          Fax: 61-2-251.7231
     SYDNEY  NSW 2000,  AUSTRALIA               Phone: 61-2-231.8137

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Subject: kew
Author:  "Frederick J. Peabody" <fpeabody at SUNFLOWR.USD.EDU> at mailgate
Date:    14/11/95 7:51 AM

Does anyone have a general e-mail address for the Royal Botanic Gardens
at Kew?  I am looking for the specific address of Mike Lock who is at Kew.
The address that was given to me is "undeliverable."  Any assistance would
be appreciated.

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