Lions and Unicorns at RGB

Finn N. Rasmussen FINNR at BOT.KU.DK
Tue Nov 14 11:06:16 CST 1995

The "Lion" that sometimes appear in e-mail from the royal Botanic
Gardens, Kew, is the name of one the two network servers at RBG. The
other one is "Unicorn". The servers are named after two critters in
the official arms of the RGB. It is not necessary to refer to them in
e-mail, but they will be included if one just use the reply button
when replying to e-mail from Kew.
  It is my experience that some RGB people never use e-mail and never
check if they receive any. Any posting to such persons will just
disappear, perhaps devoured by the Lion or the Unicorn.


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