This is for Howard ( FWH at ftld)

Vratislav Richard Bejsak 76711.1261 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Sun Nov 19 01:57:59 CST 1995

Sorry to posting this message to all, but It bouncing back from
original sender. Why?
---------- Forwarded Message ----------

From:   Electronic Postmaster, INTERNET:POSTMASTER at CompuServe.COM
TO:     Vratislav Richard Bejsak, 76711,1261
DATE:   19/11/95 0:18

RE:     Problem encountered at CompuServe/Internet mail gate

RE: Undeliverable Message

Your message could not be delivered to the indicated receiver(s):

    Invalid receiver address: FWH at ftld

                ********** ************************ **********

Message number: 951118231732 76711.1261 FHD56-5
Sent at: 18:17 EST 18-Nov-95
Subject:  2nd translation.

I try to sended following message but bounced back:

Hioward- sensei, o-genki desu ka,
Domo arigato gozaimasu. I feel very honored by your kind translation from
magnificent french language to english.
Mina-sama ni dozo yoroshiku. Ogenki de, Sayonara
8-gatsu itsuka


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