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This is very interesting message , In czech rep was sallready few scam from


Richard / PRAHA

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(from graemec at dhn.csiro.au [ Graeme Crook ])

On Thursday last week I received an international phonecall from someone
who claimed to be Dr Pius Anadu,  Executive Director of the Nigerian
Conservation Foundation,  based in Lagos,  Nigeria.  After exchanging
pleasantries,  he asked if I could do a friend of his a favour.  This
favour being to invoice the Nigerian Petroleum Company for US$30 million
on company letterhead with a Director's signature,  and supply "Dr Anadu"
with a copy plus details of a suitable bank account here in Australia.
For my trouble I would receive one third of this money after the
transaction had occurred.

Two problems for him

1       I had already heard about the "Nigerian Oil Scam" so I was not
taken in by the chance of getting US$9million for no effort.


2       I have a copy of the 1993 SSC Membership Directory in which the
fax number of the real Dr Anadu is printed and both the address and the
fax number of the other Dr Anadu are different.

  I have tried to fax the real one but as yet to no avail. If anyone is
in contact with him he should know that his name is being used by these

As these people have got my name and contact number from this directory,
I post this to let anyone who has their name in this directory that they
could be receiving a phonecall or letter detailing this proposal.  As
surprising as it may seem I have heard of people getting so immersed in
this that they have gone to Nigeria to sign the papers for the transfer,
had their passports confiscated(with false visa entries supplied by their
friends in Nigeria) and then disappear with their bank accounts cleaned out.

If anyone knows of a legitimate way of making this sort of money quickly
and with no risk,  I have a Harbour Bridge for sale.


Graeme Crook
CSIRO Division of Human Nutrition
Majors Road
O'Halloran Hill
South Australia  5158

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