Institute of Systematic Botany Directorship at NYBG

Barbara Thiers bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Thu Nov 30 09:03:06 CST 1995


          Dr. Enrique Forero has resigned his position as Director of
          the Institute of Systematic Botany (ISB) at The New York
          Botanical Garden (NYBG), effective 3 November 1995, to
          accept a position in Colombia.  His new address:  Instituto
          de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional, Apartado 7495,
          Bogota, Colombia.  Telephone numbers:  571-216-8200 or
          571-215-1064.  FAX:  571-368-1345.  Dr. Forero does not have
          an e-mail address yet, but he expects to get one soon.

          The NYBG intends to fill the directorship of the ISB immediately
          from among internal candidates.  Please direct any inquiries
          by 7 December 1995 to:
          Dr. Brian M. Boom, Vice President for Botanical Science
          The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY 10458  USA
          FAX:  (718) 220-6783.
          E-mail:  bboom at

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